Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Blood Type, Genetics Could Impact Odds for Severe COVID-19


    Coronavirus also known as Covid-19 started a world wide pandemic in the beginning of January. Since this pandemic started many studies have been put into place all over the world to discover new facts about the virus such as how it can spread and long lasting effects after someone has had the virus.

    Other studies have also been done such as this one captured on usnews.com stating, “ A person's genes and blood type may help determine their odds for a nastier form of COVID-19, should they get infected with the new coronavirus, a new genetics study finds”. Through doing tests and collecting data they have established that people with certain blood types may be more susceptible to getting covid-19 or may be effected more than others with different blood types. Specifically people with blood type A have a greater chance of getting Covid-19, while people with type O have a lower risk for a more mature form of covid-19.

Article: https://www.usnews.com/news/health-news/articles/2020-06-18/blood-type-genetics-could-impact-odds-for-severe-covid-19-study

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  1. I wonder if in coming times this will effect blood donation protocols at all, or like procedures.

  2. This topic is very interesting. It seems as if COVID-19 has been running rampid without care of who its effecting, but it really does. To be effecting different blood types worse than others, scientists may be able to figure out more about the virus. This could also help with creating a vaccine, or treatment.