Friday, November 22, 2019

Troubled Breathing Dogs

The gene ADAMTS3 has been associated with the swelling of the airways inside dogs noses. This has been identified as a respiratory tract disorder and share the same genes between different breeds of dogs. Many of them had copies of this gene leading to a worse performance of breathing than other dogs with the lack of this mutated gene. The mutation affects the swelling in the nostrils as well as around the dogs lungs. The dogs thought to have these breathing problems are the dogs with smooched faces. This is now looked at to not be the only reason these dogs are having the effect of breathing problems. The breed “Norwich terriers” have breathing problems but their snouts are normal and in no way an effect of this problem. Jeffery Schoenebeck stated, “This is the first evidence to show that its not just all about skull size”. Bulldogs have this problem as well with having a hard time to breath. I think this is great research because this can lead dog breeders to breed healthier puppies and make them have a better life. Breeders can use a genetic test to keep the dogs with the ADAMTS3 gene from reproducing and passing it along to more dogs. Many of these dogs with their breathing problems come to a pretty high cost due to the treatments they will eventually need at some time in their lives. Genetic tests for your own dogs might come into play and be the next big thing!

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  1. I find this article very interesting and useful since I want to become a veterinarian. Its already known that dogs with squished faces (like pugs, bulldogs, etc.) will have breathing problems, but finding another genetic factor is very helpful. Being able to test for this gene in dogs before they are bred will help reduce the chances of the offspring having problems. This also shows that its a good idea to mix breeds, rather than breed purebreds, in order to lower the chances of offspring having this gene mutation.