Monday, November 25, 2019

The Cause of Chewy Chicken Meat!

The Cause of Chewy Chicken Meat!

Image result for broiler chicken meaAlmost everyone eats chickens, and ever wonder why some chicken meat is soft and some hard and chewy? Recently published, the University of Delaware researchers have discovered that lipoprotein lipase in chicken may contribute to wooden breast syndrome. Lipoprotein lipase is an enzyme that is important for fat metabolism. For decades, researchers have been studying wooden breast syndrome in broiler chickens that involved with analyzed genes in the disease and the identified biomarker for the disorder. The researchers also explain the hardened breast tissue from these chickens.

How did these researchers find that lipoprotein lipase is the answer? The researchers know that breast muscle fibers in chicken reply on sugar, which is a glucose molecule for fuel and not fat molecules in this case. They use RNA sequencing to determine which genes expressed, and finally, they found evidence of lipoprotein lipase expressed in endothelial cells. Since fat oxidized for energy in the breast, it causes another excess release of the free radical molecule that modifies the terrible fats and protein, which then causes a problem for the chicken’s immune system. This eventually leads to hard and chewy chickens.

This is a useful finding that researchers were able to discover. This would help growers manage to be more cautious about what they feed or look over how the conditions of the chicken are before actually going into the market, processed for meat, or breeds that may result in economic losses or disease spreading.

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