Monday, November 11, 2019

Scientists Seek to Kill Genetic Test for Same-Sex Attraction

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Scientists Seek to Kill Genetic Test for Same-Sex Attraction

While many gene influence the same-sex attraction, genetics is could not predict someone's sexuality. An application was launched called "How gay are you?" but was taken down when people got 1400 signatures on an online petition. A study was performed on "493,001 participants from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Sweden to study genes associated with sexual orientation found that, like other behavioral traits, nonheterosexual behavior is polygenic." Though it is emphasized the polygenicity of the genetic effects on same-sex sexual behavior, we identified five SNPs whose association with same-sex sexual behavior reached genome-wide significance. Three of these replicated in other independent samples whose measures related to identity and attraction rather than behavior.

I believe that the mere thought of connecting someone sexuality to a simple test is actually insulting to humans. Our sexuality is a wide spectrum just the same way that gender and sex are different, even if genes say one thing that doesn't dictate one's sexual orientation. 

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  1. I once read an article about how those who like the same sex are more right brained than those who are heterosexual. I find this kind of stuff interesting, because there are so many intricate mechanisms to the brain and to understand it more fully would be huge.It would be interesting to have more of an understanding of this so that those who decide they want to have gender changes happen to their bodies wont later regret it like some people are starting to.