Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Mice Gene-Edited While Still in the Womb

Link to article: mice-gene-edited-while-still-in-the-womb-65767
Supporting article: crispr-editing-out-a-deadly-lung-disease-before-birth

this article talks about altering the gene that causes a lung-disease using CRISPR technology. the amnionic fluid of mice fetus carrying a mutated SFTPC gene, helps prevent the lung from collapsing when exhaling, were injected with CRISPR-Cas9. The injection only targeted the lungs and didn't affect any other organs. Over 22 percent of the mice survived from the disease. Also the infection didn't affect the reproductive cells of the fetus which means it can not be inherited by future generations. More research and experiments are being held to further improve the technology and increase the rate of success. Scientists are also trying to repair the gene rather than inactive it so they can apply this operation with different delivery methods on humans as humans need a functional SFTPC gene.

Mice Gene-Edited While Still in the Womb

I found the articles really interested as the scientist could actually target specific organs such as the lungs and even cells within the lungs. I also admire their persistence on not only increasing the rate of success but also making sure that there is no negative affects on the mother of the embryo. It is a huge advancement in science and technology to be able to treat a disorder in the womb to save a fetus. I hope that the scientists can find a safe, efficient, ethical method to do the same treatment for humans soon.

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