Monday, November 18, 2019

Longevity Clues Tucked in Great White Shark Genome

Link: longevity-clues-tucked-in-great-white-shark-genome-65486
Supporting article: dun-dun-duun-duuun-the-great-white-shark-genome-is-here

Longevity Clues Tucked in Great White Shark Genome

The great white shark has 41 chromosome pairs in their genome. The genome of the white shark has revealed genetic changes that appear to have helped the species persist for roughly 500 million years longer than almost any vertebrate on Earth. But sharks don’t have a higher incidence of cancer than humans, and based on the new data, that could be because of the number of genetic adaptations linked with genome stability. Along with genome stability, the great white sharks’ DNA revealed many genetic tweaks associated with wound healing, specifically, for blood-clotting agents and proteins to rapidly build new flesh. information that will potentially be useful to fight cancer and age-related diseases, and improve wound healing treatments in humans.

I think that this will be a great advancement in medicine. Especially that some fish skin has been known to have beneficial traits for severely burnt skin. The discovery that sharks' DNA has wound healing qualities could lead to medications that link the two researches to better wounds and burns treatments for severe cases of fires and other accidents or tragic incidents. 

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  1. In addition to your ideas i think the technology can also be adapted to combat zones where medics have some type of injection that can immediately begin to close wounds. The faster blood loss can be stopped the more likely a soldier can survive.