Friday, October 25, 2019

The Future Wipe Out Of Mosquitoes with Diseases

A laboratory that mimics real life outdoors in Terni, Italy released hundreds of genetically modified mosquitoes that are known to be carrying a sequence of DNA that can rapidly reproduce with a cure for malaria and other diseases.  This would be a life changing break through to save many lives in Africa and other poverty stricken places. This sequence of DNA introduces female mosquitoes with the inability to bit, as well as lay eggs that can spread diseases more rapidly. If you did not know, females are the mosquito's in which spread the different diseases. This mutation is called the "doublesex" mutation. Within the lab, they see this successfully working, and realize this will help knock out many diseases within the insect populations. Within a year the scientists should be able to understand these concepts fully, and within five years releases these new breed mosquito's into the wild.

This is ground breaking research. This will ultimately help the poverty stricken country's that cannot fight off these diseases, and reduce the total number of deaths. It is shocking that within science you can come up with anything, and work out its flaws. This project will take awhile to complete but patience is key to controlling the diseases spread by mosquito's.

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  1. We talked about this research in my microbiology class. Everyone agreed that we should get rid of species of Aedes mosquitoes because it ranks number one as the world's deadliest animal in terms of mortality rates in humans. Everyone also agreed that we should focus more on treating the diseases themselves rather than their associated vectors, meaning there are numerous animals and birds that can transmit the pathogens responsible for causing diseases than just mosquitoes. If we wipe out mosquitoes than we will probably try to wipe out other vectors too. Everyone got depressed talking about morality and mortality. What I still found interesting about this research was that how they targeted a specific gene associated with the ability of female mosquitoes to bite. We know that only female mosquitoes bite animals to obtain the sugar they need to make eggs. And causing mutation in this gene guarantees no reproduction will occur because females will not be able to produce eggs. But my question is- if there are no offsprings than how could gene drive be successful? I still think targeting the protozoans and viruses that cause fatal diseases is the best way to go.

  2. I agree with your sentiments on how it is amazing what people can do science. While knowing that it is possible to genetically modify a trait, this research is mind blowing. It will be intresting to see the effects of this "doublesex" mutation when they release the genetically modified mosquitoes into the wild.

  3. This blog is awesome because who doesn't hate mosquitoes? The fact that Italy has already taken charge and released these genetically modified mosquitoes with a cure for malaria and other diseases is going to be a great research of study to pay close attention too. This study can end up saving a plethora of lives in Africa and other malaria/disease stricken areas. Hopefully this study results in a release of these new breed mosquito's into the wild. Thanks for sharing.