Friday, October 18, 2019

Genome Sequencing Concentrating In Breast Cancer

Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) is a technique that reads an entire blueprint of the individual cancer cells, and comparing it to that of a healthy individual. Researchers are looking into the mutations on each gene, and really getting a good reading on them. They feel they will eventually be able to identify the acts of this tumor. Cambridge University has teamed up with researchers in Sweden, as well as having patients since 2010 with breast cancer, working with this topic. The researchers first started off with focusing on the woman who had triple negative breast cancer, a cancer that lacks the three receptor sites. These accounts rarely happen, and they have around a 9% chance of happening within all types of breast cancers. Dr Serena Nik-Zainal from the University of Cambridge states, “Having a complete cancer genome map for each patient helps us to understand what has caused each patient's tumor and treat each individual more effectively.” Before the Whole Genome Sequencing technique was used they would need to have a descriptive pedigree of cancer in the family. Genes for breast cancer stem from BRCA1, and BRCA2. Understand the whole genome map will allow doctors to treat patients individually and give correct treatments right away rather than having a trial and error affect, which takes time and cancer does not wait.

This is an amazing research project. It hits home for my because my sister was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer when she was only 26. This is not a normal age to have breast cancer and we needed to visit a genetics counselor to be able to map out what genes caused this. In her case, no genes were found to be receptors of cancer, they could not find the reason for her diagnosis. I hope this research leads to discoveries of cancer killers, and I hope this saves many lives in the future to come! Having the genome mapped out for each individual caner would be amazing because this means the trails and errors of different medicines for certain cancers would come to an end, and no time would be wasted. Time cannot be wasted with caner, cancer keeps going and never stops!

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  1. Hello Jennifer,
    Thanks for sharing. I never knew about Whole Genome Sequencing, I find this technique very effective and interesting due to the fact that it reads an entire blueprint of the individual cancer cells. The comparison of that to a healthy individual could be overly helpful when distinguishing the problem. Hopefully in the future, this research will lead to a new discovery of cancer killers, which would make a life changing impact.