Thursday, May 2, 2019

Is Genetics Linked to Suicide?

Stated in an article on Genetic Literacy Project’s website, many studies point out the connection between your genome and suicide and mental illness. This article mentions how suicide is a complex illness, and there are many factors to it.  The researches in the past study showed that certain DNA markers are involved and are seen in people who have already died by suicide.

In this newest and largest study, it addresses those different markers like knowing someone who already died from suicide and non-positive life events can also be a factor to why someone would commit suicide. Being that genetic variations impacts your personality and your traits, it also includes other factors like being lonely (social), poverty, and the use of drugs and alcohol. These factors have an important part of suicidal behavior.

Running test, like done in this study, could help to identify a few of these factors and genetic variation and help prevent suicide. The article also brought into light that genetics and biology about suicidal behavior could help understand mental illness even more. I think if running your genome sequence could help prevent more suicides, then I think you should. Knowing a little information is better than not knowing anything at all.


  1. If genetics is linked to suicide then that sure would be one serious malfunction. Would it mean that the genome is aware of its malfunction and so it calls for a self termination before passing the error onto offspring?

  2. I think that genes are not directly linked to suicide, but I do think they influence the way in which certain events affet us. Just like with caffeine, genes do not nesessarily determine how caffeine affects a person, rather they control the way in which it is metabolized. I guess what I'm trying to say is that some events will be more traumatic or affet some more than others, and the way and strength in which they percieve it is what leads them to make those decisions.

  3. I wonder if this is similar to those studies that show that you can be more susceptible to addiction if your mother and father were addicts.