Thursday, April 11, 2019

Woman feels no pain

A Scottish woman feels no pain thanks to her Genes. Along with feeling no pain, she does not suffer from any sort of anxiety, stress, or depression. Doctors realized something was strange when this woman went in to have her hip replaced, she said she had no pain even though the joint had almost completely deteriorated. Doctors then discovered mutations in two of her genes. The two genes that were mutated are FAAH-OUT, which was believed to be a "junk" gene but actually is believed to affect the expression of the FAAH gene. The other mutated gene was a neighboring gene that controls the FAAH enzyme. In mice that done have the FAAH gene, pain is reduced greatly, and their wounds heal very quickly.

While it may not be the best thing to never feel pain, the mutations that this woman had in her FAAH genes had interesting affects from it. She claims she was always very calm and never experienced anxiety. Saying when her car flipped over in an accident, she calmly crawled out of the car and helped the other motorist involved in the accident. More research done on the FAAH gene mutation could result in treatment of anxiety and depression. It could also yield important discoveries on quicker ways to heal wounds. 

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