Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Looking for Beauty in your DNA
It is mentioned in the Medical News Today journal, that searching for beauty can be found in one’s DNA. Due to the fact that there is very little known about the genes that underpin the facial beauty, a recent study examines and asks the question of, “What is the genetic basis for facial attractiveness?” A group of researches form the University of Wisconsin-Madison obtained the same goal of determining whether any genes are allied with facial attractiveness. Scientist are interested in exploring the genes that are behind the facial beauty. They discovered that ‘beauty genes” contrast by sex. The genes that are specifically for regulating lipids and body mass in women are also associated with genetic variation. As for males, the “beauty” genetic variants were correlated to the genes that affect the cholesterol levels.

            Researchers have been able to demonstrate how blood cholesterol levels are accompanying to the synthesis of testosterone and multiple different steroid hormones. By conducting this type of study, an original comprehension of the genetic basis of facial attractiveness has been provided. Also, a multifaceted relationship between attractiveness and a diversity of human traits have been stipulated. Qiongshi Lu, mentions that, “Instead, attractiveness is most likely associates with a large number of genetic components with weak effects. Interestingly, sex-specificity is a recurrent pattern observed in almost all the analyses in ours study.”

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