Sunday, March 17, 2019

Hope for Pancreatic Cancer

In an article by UPI, researchers believe understanding the genetics of pancreatic tumors may allow a higher survival rate for those who are affected. The current statistic is that less than 9% of patients have five years left to live due to the fact that many have been diagnosed late with incurable tumor. If found early on, chemotherapy could aid in destroying tumors. At the University of Pittsburgh scientists analyzed the genomes of 3600 people , which concluded that in 17% react to current chemotherapy. The researchers found that one of the hereditary genes from the BRCA family (associated with breast cancer) augments the chances of getting pancreatic cancer. Instead of having all patients receive the same treatment, it should be based on the person's needs.

I agree that a more personalized treatment plan would be effective at improving survival rate of patients. Cancer is such a tricky disease and extremely hard to fight. Any inkling found as early as possible can increase a person's ability to survive. 


  1. This article was very interesting , pancreatic cancer is such a horrific cancer with no survival rate. Finding a cure for this cancer or early prevention would be huge. It makes sense that the BRCA gene that is linked to breast cancer can be linked to pancreatic cancer. I find that the BRCA gene is linked to many things, I am going to read more into this topic I find it very interesting.

  2. My father suffers from pancreatic issues so anything involving the pancreas jumps out at me. In a way its a relief knowing that medicinal means of treatment have been improving so great that those suffering with this issue have hope for a future that's pain free.