Saturday, March 16, 2019

An Temporary End to Embryo Manipulation

In an article in the Bloomberg, the aftermath of the Chinese scientist who changed the DNA of twin girls has lead geneticists and ethicists on restricting any alterations done by genetic technology of humans. Advocates are urging countries to inhibit doctors and scientists from modifying DNA sperm, eggs, and embryos for potential production of offspring.  CRISPR  is only allowed for research or  treating illness by amending non-reproductive cells. Carries Wolinetz who is the associate director for science policy at National Institutes of Health believes this is a critical time in science since newer technology suggesting that human life an be written. Agency director, Francis Collins believes this can have serious repercussions due to social and ethical concerns. The misuse can result in hurting the individual or worse future generations of unknown consequences.

It's quite astonishing and exciting how much technology has changed within a couple of decades. I think this ban is important because it serves as a pause so researchers can establish whatever constraints that are needed for ethical practices. In the end, we want to help people but let us not forget that sometimes taking a step away from the problem and letting it be on its own is also essential. 

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