Friday, February 22, 2019

Longevity Clues Tucked in Great White Shark Genome

In a recent article on "TheScientist," the great white shark is discussed, as new discoveries have suggested its DNA being linked to wound healing, cancer protection, and a long life. The great white shark has almost double the amount of chromosome pairs as humans do with a total of 41 pairs. A research team analyzed and sequenced the entire genome and came across very interesting results. They found specific genetic changes/adaptations that have contributed to the species' success on Earth for such a long time. These genetic changes include DNA repair, damage response and tolerance, and wound healing including, blood clotting agents and proteins to produce new flesh. Due to sharks being so large in size and having a long lifespan, they should theoretically, have more time and cells for oncogenic mutations to develop. With this new data, researchers were able to conclude that the organim's genetic adaptations have helped put them at a lower rate of developing cancer. The researchers hope that fully understanding these genes that protect the sharks from cancer, could be used to benefit humans. 
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I found this article to be extremely interesting as it discusses that more research could lead to human benefits. If the great white shark's DNA can be used to cure cancer or prevent it in humans, that would be a major breakthrough discovery that would really change the world. 

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