Thursday, January 31, 2019

Blood Test can diagnose fetal genetic disorders early in pregnancy

According to an article published by the New Scientist, doctors have found a way to sequence small amounts of fetal DNA through the blood of the mother using a non-invasive prenatal test. This test allows us to look at 30 genes linked to dominant genetic diseases. Mutations in the sperm, egg or embryo can lead to these diseases and around 600 babies are born with these conditions. The test will be used for parents who have a family history of sickle cell anaemia, haemophilia, or cystic fibrosis. When the mother is given a positive result for the test she is given the opportunity for more invasive test and information on how to manage the pregnancy correctly.

It is interesting to see how we can possibly make life easier for families expecting children by being able to identify different diseases in the blood and possibly treat them before they become more serious. And even warn parents about the risks their children will have in the future and take precautions.

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  1. I think this test is very crucial for families who are expecting babies and have a background of genetic diseases. It would help them to make decisions during early pregnancy.