Friday, December 14, 2018

Humans Vs Chimps

It is known that humans share approximately 90% of their DNA with primary cousins, including your typical chimpanzee. However, it is the other 10% that is found to determine and observe the biology of the species and see what makes them different. Dr. Gilad of the University of Chicago discovered in 2012 that although humans and chimpanzees share similarities in their DNA, their gene regulatory mechanism is indeed different. A gene regulatory mechanism is basically how the way a gene transcribes in the RNA molecule. This just adds to another research tool that scientists can use when looking to study a topic of genetics.

I found this article very interesting because many of us know how similar we are to chimpanzees and those who believe in evolution can easily see this. However, understanding how a gene regulatory mechanism works will help those study the anatomy and development of species. 


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