Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Researchers discover new gene for hair loss

Researchers discover new gene for hair loss
Hypotrichosis simplex, a gene that leads to hair loss into childhood, A team of researchers led by human geneticists at the University Hospital of Bonn, have discovered this gene. The change in the LSS gene lead to impairment of an important enzyme which has a crucial function inside the cholesterol metabolism.
“Mutation leads to displacement of lanosterol synthase”
Using samples of tissues they can find exactly where the lanosterol is located in the follicle cells.  
If the gene isn’t present then an associated enzyme flows. If it is present the lanosterol synthesis spreads.
They aren’t sure why is causes hair loss but they are researching it.
I think this is very important in science because if we can figure out the hair loss we can prevent it from occurring at an early age.


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  2. Many like me have experience hair loss from a long time like when I was 15, I think this was the reason of my hair loss a hereditary reason for hair loss. I once thought about going through hair transplant In Punjab to get rid of hair loss but my heart never agreed to it .