Friday, November 23, 2018

Personal Bubble

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           The human body is surrounded by many microscopic organisms that consist of microbes, chemicals, fungi, and microscopic animals called an "exposome". Scientists conducted research on 15 patients by using a small air-monitoring device which was a small vacuum that picked up any exposomes present around the person being monitored. Health is determined by a person’s DNA and the environment and no one has studied how biological and chemical exposures effect people on a personal level until now. By analyzing RNA and DNA the researchers chemically profiled the particles detected around the patient and created a database of over 40,000 species of all environmental exposures found. The studied showed that everyone has a unique exposome that is completely different from another person even if they live close together.

            Research studies like these are useful in order to determine if a person is allergic to certain microbes around them or if a microbe that they are allergic to is present. This device could also be used to detect if certain carcinogens are present in a particular environment and if the exposure is enough to affect a human being. If the chemicals can fit through the holes of the filter in the device, then it can reach a humans lower respiratory tract and affect the lungs. The more exposomes identified the more research can be done in order to determine how they affect our health.

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