Friday, October 19, 2018

Project Baseline Aims to Ward Off Illness Before We Get Sick

        Unfortunately, when discovering diseases it is normally in the late stage of the disease when it is too late.  With new technology and research doctors are working on a way to determine if you will have a disease such as cancer before it shows and becomes apparent.  The thing with cancer is that the earlier you can detect the malignant cells the easier it is to treat and hopefully rid the cancer from your body.
        Project Baseline, started by Dr. Gambhir, who lost his teenage son to brain cancer initiated the study involving 10,000 volunteers of different backgrounds to be studied vigorously for at least four years.  This project collects an immense amount of research on each healthy adult by "analyzing their micro biomes, sequencing their genomes, subjecting them to a variety of stance and assessing their cognitive health.  They are also equipping volunteers with new wearable technology from Verily that records their nightly sleep patterns and tracks their heart rhythms and physical activity." (O'Connor, 2018)  Dr. Gambhir is conducting this research to help himself better understand the development of diseases from the healthy stage, to the diseased stage.  Project Baseline looks for precursurs to cancer, cardiovascular disease, aortic aneurysms, and other killers, so that medical attention can be reached before it is too late.
        The only downside to this research is that the scientists are conveying all of the research conducted on that patient back to them, which may cause anxiety and stress, leading to more tests needing to be done.  Doctors are working together to figure out a way to tell their patients the data found in a way which will not worry them and allow them to understand them fully without panicking.  Would you allow yourself to be one of the volunteers for Project Baseline?

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