Friday, July 13, 2018

Cotton candy grapes

Cotton candy and grapes in the same sentence,  Never! David Cain made this possible simply by hybridizing different species together. He took the Vitis Vinifera, the species of grape that is used to make wine, and cross bred it with a Concord grape to create this sugary healthy snack. All of this was done in Bakersfield, Ca.. I guess we can all say thank you to David Cain for creating a treat that is going to be a hit with parents and kids. This all came about beca use he simply just wanted to show the world the natural flavor of grapes. So have we been eating the artificial type this whole time?

Genetically speaking, this is a great example of natural breeding of two species and combining the two to get a specific taste. But in order to get this specific phenotype he had to test 100,000 of these plants before actually getting the cotton candy taste.... which poses the question to me, is this specific phenotype a homozygous is recessive gene?


  1. I have tried cotton candy grapes before and they taste exactly as advertised. It makes me wonder what other foods can be genetically modified to taste like something else or if we can soon be expecting other flavors such as choclate tasting grapes. Although I don't think they'll be such a great hit.

  2. I have had cotton candy grapes, and loved them! It is awesome to read an article that explains how it is natural breeding, everybody I tell, do not believe me and believe that it can not be natural