Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Fight Against Malaria

In any hot and humid environment, a person can run come into contact with many flying insects, particularly with mosquitos. These pesky insects cause havoc from this bites, causing itches, and even sickness. Mosquitoes, however, have been known transmit and infect many with Malaria.

The disease, however, has been genetically identified. Scientists used piggyBac - transposon insertional mutagenesis to identify the genes that were associated with malaria. Parasites carrying malaria can now be readily identified and can potentially be treatable. Such a step can be help patients who are in dire straits when dealing with the diseases. Still, drug resistance is still a major problem, but using such a gene technique can allow for even better drug resistance and at the source. 

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  1. This is such a great advancement towards the fight against malaria. Scientists could even test mosquitos in to find the most highly dangerous areas where people could be infected with malaria. One never knows what type of parasite they could come in contact with and by using this technology, it could save many individuals from become infected.