Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Genetic Roadmap to building an entire organism from a single cell

Researchers at Harvard Medical School recently made a breakthrough that potentially could change the future of medicine techniques all together. The one struggle all biologists had, was a complete understanding of the cell process and how each cell creates and makes new cells. The researchers have done a long-term research on this topic of understanding the cell process and what how one cell becomes an organism, and can follow through what each cell does step by step. This is such an important and significant breakthrough because the knowledge behind knowing how the cells work could eventually lead to how to turn off and turn on certain signals in the cells to make the body produce more of a certain cell that codes for something like "hair production" when usually that is a cell produced more when the person is a young boy or girl, but is very much needed when the little boy and girl is an adult and is seeing nothing other than the thinning of the hair.
In my opinion this could lead to so many more studies and work, this research is by far the end of this story. So many biologists and researchers are going to want to look into this work and make sure the data is correct and true, that they do have a roadmap of the cells in the body, which ultimately would do nothing other than be helpful when it came to finding help towards diseases and infections alike.

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  1. I completely agree, the potential that this brings with it could be huge in so many ways, especially in the field of medicine.