Saturday, April 14, 2018

Is the concept of "race" real?

     The idea of race has been around for centuries. It has become even more prevalent in today's society with what is slowly becoming somewhat of a race war in the United States. However, according to Elizabeth Kolbert, "there's no scientific basis for race - It's a made-up label". Many believe that any and all differences between the human population are completely trite. AS all humans are made up of the same genetic code and all share common ancestors. And that any persons that believe in "racial superiority" and/or "ethnic suppression" can be placed in a group of "scientific racists". 

     Another geneticist, Dr. David Reich also determined that the idea of race is a "social construct". Which coincides with the conclusion of Elizabeth Kolbert. However, he also added that it is no longer possible to ignore the genetic differences between 'races' Many of these differences are in genetic ancestry and conform to many of the racial constructs of today. The differences talked about ,most of which are more that skin deep, include physical traits. Such as differences in height, weight, body dimensions and the individual's susceptibility to certain diseases. Dr. Reich also calls for a reasoned discussion about race. This call has fallen upon deaf ears. As any mention of differences between populations is considered taboo. 

   I believe that this "reasoned discussion" is necessary in these times of racial tension in the world. No matter where you turn there is talk about racial injustice, racial prejudice or something along those lines. I am a believer that all people are equal. No matter ones 'race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation etc. People need to come to the realization that its not a hierarchy. That no population of people is better or worse than another. No matter the prominent differences one can see.

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  1. This was actually very interesting. There should never be anything such as "racial superiority" because we are all humans. We all make mistakes, we all have goals we want to achieve, and we also want the better for others. Everyone should be treated and respected equally.

  2. I agree. We are all humans and shold be respected equally instead of being separated by race and having to face things for which a person is not even at fault for.