Saturday, March 24, 2018

Siblings Have Different DNA Ancestry

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Two siblings decided to have their ancestry traced using their DNA.  They got the results back and one was 13 percent genetically from Italy and Greece, whereas the other sibling was 23 percent of the same genetic ancestry. A big question came up as how to how where they different when they have the same parents.
Genetic recombination can be thanked for this difference.  Each egg and sperm can contain different variations of the genes. When DNA is sent away to one of the genetic testing centers, they only check a selected part of DNA and compare that to other groups of people with similar pieces.
That results in only about 50 percent of a siblings DNA actually being the same DNA that is being looked at in these tests.  But these tests can be telling you the truth about your ancestry, it should just be taken lightly because they're only comparing it to known groups of DNA that is known as of now.

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