Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A New Tasty Superfood from Plant Cell Cultures


VTT Technical Research Center of Finland is developing a new method of producing healthy plant based food through plant cell culture (PCC) technology, opposed to field cultivation. The study showed major promise as the nutritional values from PCC grown on cloudberries, gonberries, and stoneberries had a significantly higher nutritional value and were said to have tasted better. PCC's goal is to aid in the population growth and food demand concerns as their is not enough arable land to  meet the populations needs. As cell culture of meat has become a popular topic of interest PCC can be used to produce food with a higher nutritional content and with faster and cheaper costs. VTT's study examined the nutritional and sensory propertied of died and fresh cells grown from the berries using PCC technology. Visually the fruits resembled that of the corresponding fresh fruit. Nutritionally, the PCC samples had a high protein content of 14-19 percent with good protein digestibility. Additionally, essential amino acids important for muscle, bone, and tissue health were higher than that of soy, which is considered a excellent source of amino acids itself. Dietary fiber samples ranged between 21 and 37 percent, and energy content increased as well. Lastly, PCC samples were found to be rich sources of unsaturated fatty acids as well as have high contents of polyphonous which are known for their health promoting effects. With all of the positive benefits of PCC, the food industry can use this opportunity to still use fresh and nutritionally beneficial foods in a low cost and innovative way.
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