Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Relationship Between Genetics and Sex Crimes

In the article, "Reality Check: Is sex crime genetic?", there have been claims that men are 5 times more likely to commit sex crimes if their brother or father have convicted sex offenses. The rumor all started on websites in U.K. newspapers, but it was concluded through a study in Sweden that genetics was related to this hypothesis by 40%. This study is very new that there are serious limitations that need to be considered. Although researchers predicted that sexual offending was connected to genetics some how, some specialists don't agree. This new study wasn't very easy to conduct. Researches working on this study found it very difficult to find sufficient data, so they broadened their study to a more diverse range of offenses in order "to maintain a large sample size". It was also very difficult to trust the conviction records due to the amount of sex crimes committed than reported. Studies continue to be made and there is not enough evidence provided to link genetics to sex crimes.
Without a large enough sample size, the study fails to provide evidence of the relationship between genetics and sex crimes. More studies need to be made in order to genetically explain these offenses, but it is clear that through multiple studies, we can conclude that some families are at higher risk for abuse and criminal behaviors. Most studies on sex crimes are related to traumatic early life experiences, for example abuse. I believe that these studies being coordinated can help evolve law enforcement by narrowing down the search for potential offenders and monitoring families that are at high-risk. I feel that although this study failed to provide enough evidence, I'm very interested where future studies take this subject and I look forward to reading the improvements made on the study. Despite the fact that there isn't a lot of evidence that points sex crimes to genetics, I think this article was very interesting because taking a step towards genetics can potentially be very helpful in resolving worldwide issues.

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