Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Genetics of Blonde Hair

Scientists have found that replacing of the DNA’s four letter  is the key  to genome shift a particular gene’s activity and that leads it to fairer in hair color. Over the time past six years  studies of genetic variation  in thousands of people have linked atleast eight DNA regions that heightened  basis of the blondness in people’s hair. Some of the base changes in the DNA letter  or single nucleotides  were in genes that involve in the production of pigment in someone’s skin and hair.The changes in the regulatory DNA could result in hair color not skin color change because regulatory DNA can change gene activity just in  certain parts of the body that is why if your hair changes color your skin will not and vice versa. The article  goes on say how in Northern Europeans the KITLG a single nucleotide polymorphism   was i strongly linked to blondness because it codes for a protein of specialized for it . The single nucleotide polymorphism had caught the eye of geneticist David Kingsley and he found this applies to fish, mice   as it does to humans.  There is a switch that regulates the of KITLG  which easier  to predict red and black color accurately based on the hair color related SNPS but it is harder to the blonde and brunettes. I liked reading this article because I learned that the genetic cause  and how the evolution occurred. The KITLG is active in many places in the body and now I know why many people have blonde hair instead of another hair color and how the effect of KITLG is specific to hair and not skin or eye color  which is quite unique an fascinating  compared the most pigmentation genes today which is what I had not expected at all before.


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