Friday, November 10, 2017

Small Worm Shows Why Its So Hard To Quit Smoking!

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       To begin, I found this article extremely interesting because studies on a small worm are offering clue's to why it's so hard to quit smoking. The study has been taking place at the University of Michigan. They have discovered that a genetic mechanism that has been dismissed before is hinting to have to do with a nicotine dependence. In the study they use  millimeter long worms and study they nictotine dependency. Like humans, they have similar behavior and get hooked as well. They have identified specific genes, including an mRNA that codes for the nicotine dependency. "We're seeing a clear link between nicotine, microRNA, the receptor proteins, and nicotine-dependent behavior," said Jianke Gong, a researcher in lab. 
     I think this is a great step for further genetic research in drug dependency research. It will help find out how exactly the dependency happens in the body of humans and will help in medical research as well. 

University of Michigan. "Tiny worms may offer new clues about why it's so hard to quit

       smoking." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 7 November 2017. 


  1. I agree this research is very interesting. I knew that there was a dependence on nicotine, but not how. It's fascinating that research done on long worms shows similar behavior to humans and a link between nicotine and receptor proteins.

  2. It is kind of crazy that these receptors are present in our bodies, but once stimulated with the drug, can cause the dependence of that drug. I imagine there is a similar mechanism of dependence for many addictive substances.