Saturday, November 11, 2017

Breast Cancer Risks Identified

breast cancer genetic risk

The article Genetic Risk Facts for Breast Cancer Identified by Ashley P. Taylor , talks about researchers doing tests to hopefully find different genetic variants that will better identify women who are at higher risks for getting breast cancer. There were two studies done on October 23rd , and one of the studies considered more than 100,000 breast cancer patients and a similar number of cancer-free controls and found 65 new genetic variants associated with cancer risk. This is great news! Why? If we can figure out a woman’s cancer risk based on her genome, they can be separated into different risk levels, which potentially can save more lives!
This article explains that breast cancer comes in two categories – ER positive and ER negative. The ER positive cancers are the much more common ones; therefore, they have the better prognosis. However, this article does discuss the study that’s Douglas Easton an epidemiologist at the University of Cambridge in the U.K performed on the ER negative disease. He explains that in order to actually find the ER negative hits you have to focus specifically on those ones, and after doing this he identified 10 new variants that could explain 1.5 percent of the heritable risk of ER negative breast cancer.  

I think this study is amazing and it is extremely important because breast cancer is such a huge thing in today’s world and if it can be minimized by studying and researching genomes to categorize the cancers into different risk, the rates can be dropped tremendously.


  1. Hey Donyhai,
    I appreciated reading your article because Breast cancer is such a big issue in our generation. If this becomes a common practice, it can bring a tremendous amount of light to such a dark and devastating diagnosis like breast cancer. If a woman knows her cancer risk based on her genetic makeup, she'll be more aware of the symptoms and know to get help right away if something seems suspicious. Today, people don't necessarily look out for warning signs, and if they don't act right away, it may just be "too late."

  2. I think this is a great discovery! Breast cancer is a huge concern, and if woman know their risk factors earlier it can lead to more effective treatments. Also, discovering these 65 genetic variants, actions can be taken to edit the genome to stop their effect.