Friday, November 3, 2017

Scientist discover 27 genes that could halt cancer

       Once again, I decided to post about taking another positive step in the right direction to curing cancer. I know that we will eventually have a cure, it is just the journey of finding out more information about our cells in our bodies. The article that I chose was written by Honor Whiteman. It explains the brilliant study done by a few scientists at the Francis Crick Institute in the UK on suppressor genes in the body. 
     Human cells have two different copies of tumor suppressors. The difficulty of dealing with tumors in humans is that its extremely difficult to determine what suppressor copy isn't working. When a tumor forms, it means that both of these copies of suppressors aren't working properly. The scientist created a model that is able to study which suppressor genes are used when a tumor is present. They studied over two thousand tumors over a spectrum of twelve cancers.  The overall result of this study is that they were able to notice 96 gene deletions. What new information that was found was that 43 of these were suppressor genes are 27 were unknown. These new unknown genes will help fight tumors and cancers in humans. What they found will most defiantly help future medicines with suppressing different tumors or at least acknowledging what suppressor isn't working properly. 


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  1. It doesn't seem like that we are that far behind from finding a solution to cancer. The ratio to know suppressor genes to unknown makes me hopeful for the future. Your post was very interesting!