Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Lifespan Prolonged by Inhibiting Common Enzyme

An article on Science Daily, mentions the new discovery of the effect the enzyme, RNA polymerase III, has on aging. RNA polymerase III is essential for the growth and formation of proteins but it also enhances aging, shortening lifespan. However, a study that was conducted at the University College London, indicated that by inhibiting RNA polymerase III, it extends the lifespan of the organism by 10%. The study was done on yeast cells, flies and worms. By inhibiting the enzyme's activity, lifespan is prolonged. This new finding relates to the same effect a drug, Rapamycin, has on lifespan. Not much is known about how Rapamycin works but with this new enzyme finding, its mechanism of action can be better understood.
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I believe this new finding is extraordinary in the science and medical field. New drugs can be made to target RNA polymerase III and prolong lifespan. Studies must be done first to rule out any side effects or negative impacts of inhibiting an enzyme that is crucial to cell growth and protein formation. All in all, this new medical advancement will be very helpful and useful.


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  2. With this bit of knowledge, I wonder how much longer we will prolong our life with the help of science. With constant medical advances come positives and negatives. The negative: if more people are able to prolong their life the population of our world increases, and we sooner exceed our resources.

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  4. This is an interesting finding and hopefully will lead to new medications that can target RNA polymerase. Other articles that I have read have supported this idea that RNA is involved in almost all biological processes and that RNA binding proteins are involved with aging and different disorders