Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Genetics, Inc.

What is genetics? A science, or a business? In a recent article in CNBC, it suggests the latter. Amazon has recently began selling genetics tests for companies like 23andme as well as Ancestry. Although the rapid commercialization of these types of products gave everyday people access to these resources, which is great, is it beginning to go too far?

Pop culture has began propagating that genetics is be be-all, end-all to disease and disorders people face today. And while genetics does have a strong role in our health and bodies, it is not the complete picture. Companies like 23andme, as well as Ancestry have capitalized off this new field. While their products may have some validity, they should not be purchased for anything more than entertainment value. The question is this: will commercialization of these products draw money away from valuable research, and place it into something that can earn money? Would investors rather place research money in a company that'll promise to sells tones of products, or in a company that only promises to do research on genetics, and may or may not make any money back?

In today's world, people go where the money is. And I fear the day where genetics become a business more than a science.

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