Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Deleting Genes from Bloodlines

The article I have chosen was published by The New York Times, and explains the new technology that will be able to edit out offending genes from sperm, eggs, or embryo.  This technology is called Crispr-Cas9 it a cheap process that allows scientists to change DNA with an ease of precision.  This new technology will allow medicine to transform by erasing incurable diseases.  Although, there are some upsides to this technology like the case of sickle cell disease.  When someone has two copies of the gene they are affected, but when they have one copy it can prevent malaria.  To be able to erase all "bad" genes may not lead to a positive outcome that may be expected.  This could be because by being a carrier for one gene may prevent the symptoms of another genetic disorder.  The environment we are surrounded by today may not be the one our future offspring will be in and by erasing certain genes that they may need will cause some issues.

I personally think that erasing genes won't be as easy and or positive as it may seem.  To be able to erase an entire lineage of genes will have some consequences.  I do think that there may be certain situations where it may be the best option, but that decision should be left for those who desire to go through with this new technology. 



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  1. I wonder if the deleted genetic disorders from genes will show back up again? Is it like when a person looses a limb and then has a child, their child has that limb. Will deleting these genes just be something seen in the person who had the procedure or will it be seen generation after generation?