Tuesday, November 21, 2017

72 New Genetic Mutations Linked to Breast Cancer

In an article written in CNN Health, 72 new genetic mutations have been linked to breast cancer, with 7 of them predisposing women to a specific type of breast cancer that does not respond to hormonal therapies such as the drug Tamoxifen. This breakthrough brings the new total count of genetic variants linked to breast cancer to nearly 180. This research, which was done in conjunction with nearly 300 institutions around the world and over 550 researchers, almost doubled the amount of identifiable genetics markers towards predicting breast cancer in women.

This new information is incredibly valuable in testing for risk factors for cancers like breast cancer, and will be used in getting women screened. Early detection and treatment is crucial in cancer treatments, and being able to tell women they are at risk for developing breast cancer is vital in making sure they receive screenings and cancers can be treated early on in their development. This is an exciting breakthrough in cancer research, I cant wait to see how it plays out in the long run at reducing cancer rates.

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