Saturday, October 7, 2017

New study could possibly lead to a cure for Alzheimer's

An article on Science Daily states the recent discovery dealing with Alzheimer's. Scientists have been aware of certain genes involved in Alzheimer's. However, two new genes, PLCG2 and ABI3, have been found that affect the risk of a person developing the disease. The study that was conducted compared the DNA of thousands of people affected to those who are unaffected. Alzheimer's in a person occurs when genes and proteins interact and the proteins get tangled up in the person's brain, which causes a loss of connection between cells and eventually the cells die. These genes, proteins and cells have been identified during the study. Currently there is no cure or treatment for Alzheimer's, but with the study and research that was conducted, there is a high probability that a treatment/drug will be available soon.

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I have worked in nursing homes for about three years and I have been surrounded with elderly who suffer from Alzheimer's. It is a devastating disease, that not only affects the individual but also the family. When someone suffers from Alzheimer's they decline to such an extreme and lose their memory that it's as if that person is no longer there. It is heartbreaking to encounter a family member crying over their affected individual. Therapy is offered but even the therapists who work with the affected individuals know there is not much more that can be done, for it is a problem that is irreversible and no amount of therapy will bring back the person, since there is no treatment or cure for it today. However, with this new study, scientists can now better  understand the disease and a treatment will hopefully arise.  A treatment and a cure for Alzheimer's would help a plethora of people and their families and stop their suffering.

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  1. I find is extremely exciting to see science progress in the medical field. I couldn't agree more that a treatment and cure will be available soon just because of the overall progress technology recently. If people are able to get tested for the two genes (PLCG2 AND ABI3) worsened progression could easily be prevented with hard work. For example, if tested positive a plan could be put into place to reduce the risks of Alzheimer's or begin cognitive therapy to improve the chance of heat. Great post!