Saturday, September 30, 2017

Research found linking anorexia nervosa with genetic abnormality

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An article on Science Daily states the recent discovery that links anorexia nervosa with a genetic abnormality. People suffering from the disease were tested and the locus was on chromosome 12. Genetic connections between anorexia and a plethora of other mental illnesses were found during the research. The research also concluded that anorexia nervosa is correlated with BMI and metabolism. Which concludes that anorexia nervosa is not just a mental illness but also has metabolic origin. This new finding will hopefully yield a treatment for anorexia nervosa.
I believe this new discovery is extraordinary because it will spark interest in other scientists to continue studying the disease. Anorexia is a deadly mental illness that affects the lives of many people. Therefore, it is a reassuring that steps are being taken to find out more about the disease. New studies and discoveries will possibly generate a treatment or medicine for anorexia. I think it is incredible that a chromosome anomaly is the culprit behind the disease because now those suffering with the disease can be better helped and understood.

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  1. I agree with you that this research will help people with anorexia nervosa get better help. I previously thought that anorexia nervosa was just a mental illness and in today's society not many people are getting help because they think they're in the wrong. This research will not only let people with anorexia nervosa get better help but it will help society understand them more.