Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Wheat Break Through Discovers More Genes Than Ever Before


One big caveat in genome sequencing for familiar wheat genes was always difficulty with sequencing data. Recent discoveries detected better high resolution, improved genome assembly with updated technology and recent methods--thus, detecting 20,000 new genes never before seen. Wheat is a very complex and hard molecule to identify sequences to begin with because about 80% of the sequencing is repetitive. In fact, the wheat genome is five times more complex in DNA than the human genome. Wheat varies in other countries and this breakthrough may update future agriculture usage globally with new access to genes never before seen.

I found this article very important because it relates to genetics and its interesting to see one of the most experimented organelles is still making breakthrough discoveries today. This article would be very interesting to someone interesting in agriculture and genetics. This proves that science is continuously updating and inspires young students like myself to pursue the science career and make a breakthrough one day to change the world today. In genetics course this semester I learned all the things possible by identifying genes and the possibilities available by recent experiments and its absolutely amazing. I recommend this article to anyone who is interested in agriculture or has a knack for genetics research.

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