Friday, April 14, 2017

Slowing Brain Cancer

Patients with glioblastoma often die within the first two years of diagnosis because of its aggressiveness. It's the most common form of brain cancer in adults. Studies showed that adults with glioblastoma also have an expression of the gene NAMPT and die more quickly than those who do not. NAMPT is a component for cellular metabolism and in aging. Researchers showed that those who had NAMPT inhibited also saw slower growth of tumors
Basically researchers are trying to figure out a way to inhibit the NAMPT by using NAM+ pathways. By targeting the NAD+ pathway, the cells become easier to kill by making them more active first, however it is a primitive study and definitely needs more research put into it.
Also, the gene has drawn attention because of the aging aspect of it. People claim to be able to make vitamins that will make people age less.
More About GlioblastomasPic of Glioblastoma

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