Thursday, April 20, 2017

Poland’s Crooked Forest, a Mystery With No Straight Answer

In Poland’s Krzywy Las, or crooked forest, the pine tree look like potbellied stick figured. Over 400 trees, the trunk buckle out 90 degrees, creating bark-covered bellies that drag just above the earth, oddly pointing in the same direction “North”.  No one knows what caused this unusual strand of tree in a protected forest since the town was mostly destroyed during World War II. A retired plant scientist William Remphrey discovered a genetic mutation causing a group of aspen trees in Canada to curve and droop consistently over development, resulting in gnarled and twirl trees. But then he said if it were genetic then the trees curves to continue beyond the base and also its possible that the curves could cause by the heavy snowfall. Still he said we still don’t understand why the trees are point to the north.


  1. This is a cool article, I have seen pictures of this forrest before and always wondered about it. I was not sure if they were made this way on purpose some how like some sort of hybrid that would cause them to grow in such a way. It could also make sense that a severe snow storm could cause this to happen, however the strangest part is that they all point north.

  2. These trees are out of this world!! Could environmental factors such as low strong winds coming from the south be a factor in the trees being bent at 90 degrees to the north??

  3. Good Post. Your title is great. Although genetic implications could definitely be at play, I believe the cause must be environmental, but I could also be wrong.