Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mutations Linked to Secondary Cancers

 Scientist have been studying children cancer survivors to see if there are any genetic mutations in their genome that may be responsible for these conditions. While looking scientist were able to identify mutations in 84 different genes that can lead to secondary cancer later on in the survivor's life. This is vital because this can help stop the relapse of this condition in possible cancer patients in the future if they do get better. Unfortunately many cancer survivors do end up with the condition later on in their life so this can help permanently end the disease in a persons life. Now scientist are recommending genetic counseling for child cancer survivors to see if they show any of these mutations that can lead the disease to reoccur. I think this amazing because this is a step towards ending this epidemic.



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  1. I find this article facinating because my uncle had juvanile leukemia, which eventually ended up coming back later on in his life. It makes me wonder if he had one or more of the 84 genes mentioned.