Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Inherited Neurological Disorder Understood More Clearly

Researchers discovered a certain gene associated with dystonia, a neurological disorder which causes repetitive muscle contractions which can be painful for a patient. The muscles affected can vary from either a single muscle or to the entire body. There is no cure, but it is a pretty well managed disorder. The gene found codes for hippocalcin, which has recently been put under a spot light to figure out what it does specifically for dystonia. It was found to mess with certain calcium pathways for neural activities and made the channel overactive, and thus caused problems.
By doing this research, it is now not too impossible to find a cure for dystonia and help many lives. Article
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  1. I never heard of dystonia until now and it sounds very painful. It is great that researchers are trying to find a cure so that these individuals do not have to deal with the pain anymore.