Sunday, April 16, 2017

How Clever are Octopuses?

In recent studies, researchers have discovered that octopuses are able to change the message sent from their DNA, instead of following it like most organisms. Scientist have suggested that because octopuses can alter their genetics, that its a reasonable thought for why they are so intelligent. Octopus are capable of solving complex puzzles and changing colors to communicate. The genetic change occurs in the protein synthesis- where RNA is coded into amino acids, and that is where octopuses do not follow the genetic instruction. RNA editing is known to affect the nervous system, which might be a necessity of these organisms lives in order to live.

I think the discovery of RNA editing in cephalopods changes the idea of importance of RNA editing. With this discovery, I think this gain a better understanding of genetic sequences, but also broadens the concept to learn more about these intelligent organisms and others.

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