Friday, April 14, 2017

Few Genetic Variants Linked to an Increase Rate of Glioma

Gliomas are a particular category of malignant brain tumor that includes glioblastoma. With this type of tumor comes with a low survival rate. New research has uncovered a few genetic variants that are linked to an increase rate of glioma. 13 new genetic errors have been correlated with this increased risk. 
The National Brain Tumor Society estimate that 688,096 U.S. individuals have a brain tumor, and nearly 140,000 of these are malignant. only 34.4 percent of patients with brain tumors survive since brain tumors are quite aggressive. 

Of the different types of brain tumor, glioma is the most common since it grows form the brain's own glial cells which is found around the neurons. Gliomas account for approximately 27 percent  with 13,00- death a year. 
The team conducted two new genomic studies and found a meta-analysis of almost 12,500 people with glioma and more than 18,000 healthy, glioma-free controls. They also identified 13 new genetic variants that raised the risk of glioma with five new loci were identified for GBM, and eight for non-GBM tumors. The study shows that these genetic errors impact various cell functions, including the genesis and division of neurons, cell cycle regulation, DNA repair, and the production of some proteins.

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