Monday, April 24, 2017

Brain Genes' Effect on Food Intake

How are our food intake and dietary preferences affected by our brain genes? Silvia Berciano from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid found out the relationship between brain genes and food intake in certain groups of people. The study was done by analyzing 818 men and women of European ancestry. Their genetics were analyzed and a questionnaire was given to obtain information regarding their diet. The researchers studied the genes involved in certain eating disorders and discovered that these genes are relevant to a person's dietary habits and food choices. In addition to that, the researchers mentioned a good example such as the oxytocin receptor gene which affects a person's chocolate intake. Moreover, a person's fiber and vegetable intake are affected by an obesity-associated gene. 

This study helps people understand the factors involved in a person's dietary habits and food choices. A good way to improve the study is by performing the research on people from different ethnicities and backgrounds. Hopefully this study would eventually empower people to shift to a healthier diet.

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  1. I completely agree with you I think that the research would be greatly enhanced by looking at people from different ethnicities and backgrounds because I'm sure there would be interesting results considering how different diets are around the world and the health implements they bring. I definitely want to better understand my dietary habits, especially the bad ones.