Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Original Australians

      A new genetic study of Australian Aboriginals has determined that the initial human population moved in about 50,000 years ago from New Guinea over a land bridge. By analyzing mitochondrial DNA from 111 hair samples gathered across Australia, they determined this initial group rapidly reproduced and spread across the continent over around 2,000 years. These new settlements then remained fairly stable until the European settlers invaded.

      The Aboriginal people's own histories accurately reflects this view, reinforcing this very static view of their populations. Humans on every other continent tended to be much more mobile for far longer than this isolated group. The Aboriginal cultures have become very tied to their land, with every community having unique customs and features.

Original Study
Article about the Study

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  1. It is very interesting to consider that the initial human population was able to walk into Australia, and now the continent is very far from any other main land. It just shows why the Aboriginal people have the ties to the land that they do. Their culture evolved isolated from the rest of the world and it is still very much alive even today after European settlers brought their own culture to the land.