Monday, March 6, 2017

Gene Sequencing Project

Sanford Health is partnering up with Miami Children's Health System to start sequencing the genes of nearly one thousand Latinos and Hispanics to understand the health needs of the populations. Denny Sanford, philanthropist already has given seven million dollars to the children's hospital to support the research. The research consist of using genetics and genomic information to personalize health care for children. The project will make it easier to determine whether a person is more liable to a certain disease and how she or he might respond to a particular medicine. This goal is to produce a database of common genomes and to identify genetic patterns among the Hispanic and Latino populations. 

This is a great way to advance in the future in order to help future-related diseases. To set up such a database will help generations in the future.

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  1. Sequencing the genes of Latinos and Hispanics will make it easier to determine whether a person is predisposed to a certain disease, or how they will respond to a certain medication. The initiative will help future generations and advance medical care.