Sunday, March 12, 2017

Employees who decline genetic testing could face penalties under proposed bill

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A new bill proposed by U.S. House committee would impose hefty penalties on employees who decline to participate in genetic testing as part of a new wellness program. Programs such as these offer discounts on health  insurance to employees who complete the health risk assessment. The downside is that companies can charge people for acts that they feel cause health risks. The proposed bill has received strong criticism from many groups citing discrimination. I agree that this bill is discriminatory due to the fact that when your health fails, more than likely your health insurance rates will go up. The people who really need the help will be left behind.

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  1. Reading this article I couldn't help but wonder what the real motive is behind this bill. Do we really believe it was put in place as a way to help people? Or was it put in place specifically to target the less healthy? We have come so far with our scientific advances that doing stuff like this is just so easy now and I feel like it's almost becoming a bad thing that we have such programs at our disposal to use for something like this. It just seems to me like there is no privacy or even respect for privacy anymore.