Friday, February 3, 2017

The role environment plays in genetic mutation

A study was done to understand how human genes would be affected outside of earth's environment. Identical twin astronauts were used as part of the experiment. One was monitored in space, and the other remained on earth. After 365 days, it was concluded that, no eminent physical change occurred in the one who travelled out of space but his genes altered; possibly due to the regular exercise, to prevent bones and muscles lost in the one out of space.


  1. Samy, This is such a cool article! Including not only outer space but twins as well! It is neat to learn that there was no physical change.

  2. Space travel is of growing interest, but little data exists of the effects on humans. I've read articles on how astronauts would grow 1-3 inches taller due to lack of gravity, but would shrink back once on earth, and the obvious necessary to exercise to prevent bone loss.

    I wonder once space travel becomes feasible how exposure to unknown elements in deep space would effect people.

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