Friday, February 3, 2017

How Much Rest is Too Much?

Can too much resting be too hard on the body? The answer is yes. 
The speed at which our cells die differs from person to person but rest can surely contribute.
Outside factors can have detrimental effects on our health and even our lifespan! Smoking, consuming alcoholic beverages, and even having high stress levels for long periods of time can contribute to cellular aging. It has been found that older men and women who are sedentary for more than ten hours a day causes telomere shortening. In studies, adding in exercise with an otherwise sedentary lifestyle shows the individuals were not affected with the telomeres shortening. “…low physical activity seemed to account for an 8 year biological age gap between those who exercised and those who did not (Medical News Today, 2017). I find this fascinating and also completely see how a sedentary lifestyle would make this occur. I do not believe our bodies are meant to be immobile for extended periods of time and greatly encourage everyone to get outdoors, be active, and exercise!

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