Saturday, February 25, 2017

Second Known Case of Down syndrome in Chimps

This article is very interesting and relates to our genetic class. This is the second known case of a disorder with similar characteristics to human down syndrome in chimps. Kanako, a 24-year old chimp in Japan has been diagnosed with down syndrome. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes which down syndrome occurs on pair 21 which is also called 21 trisomy--an extra copy on chromosome 21. However, since monkeys have 24 pairs of chromosomes, scientists found that this extra copy occurs on the chimp's chromosome 22. The traits encountered from this disorder seem are very similar to the human disorder of down syndrome if not more severe. This ape not only has social interaction problems, but health problems including severe blindness and cross eyes along with heart conditions and others that make life for this chimp very difficult. Kanako's care takers have made flexible adjustments for him that make life for this disabled chimp more opportunistic. 

I recommend this article for anyone comparing human genetics to animal genetics it is very interesting. I found this interesting because this is only the second case known and is very new and rare to science and researchers. This is also interesting to know every genetic disorder is different so this chimps behavioral science is not the same as the first chimp diagnosed with this. Genetic disorders vary in every individual and are new to the world which is why it is a great observational study. 

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